Thinking will change life - Motivational Story

11 Jul 2020

Hello friends, welcome back to Laser Blogger,our thinking and hard work have a huge hand in our success. What do we think about ourselves It matters a lot in our life. To explain this, I tell you a Motivational Story (Thinking will change life).

Thinking will change life - Motivational Story - Laser Blogger

A boy lived in a small village. The financial condition of his house was very weak. Because when he was younger. Only then did his father die.

His mother used to go from house to house, storing utensils and sewing his house somehow. That boy was often sitting silently.

One day his teacher gave him a letter and said - you give it to your mother. He came home and gave the letter to his mother.

His mother smiled heartily after reading that letter. The son asked his mother - mother what is written in this letter.

Mother said smilingly - Son has written that your son is the smartest in the class. Its mind is sharper than all children. We do not have such teachers.

That can teach your child. Therefore, you should get its admission in some other school.

The boy was happy to hear this. And at the same time his confidence greatly increased. He started thinking in his mind that he has some happiness.

Because of which he is so intelligent and sharp-witted. The next day, his mother got him admitted to another school.

The boy studied diligently and one day passed the examination of civil services on the strength of his hard work.

His mother was old. And due to suffering from a disease. He died suddenly one day. The boy was very fond of his mother.

He cried a lot. Suddenly he opened his mother's wardrobe, and started looking at her belongings. Then he looked at a letter.

This was the letter his teacher gave to his mother. When he read that letter, his senses flew away.

It was written in that letter that we are very sad to tell you this. That your son is very weak in studies. It is not so good in sports too.

The way it is aging. Its intelligence is not developing that way. So we are expelling your child from school. You get it decommissioned in another school. Otherwise stay home and teach it.

Moral of story – Friends, from this story I want to explain to you how, after reading the letter, his mother changed the thinking of her son. In the same way you too can change your mind.

True stories affect our lives very much. In true stories, the conflict, experience is hidden. From which we get a lot to learn.

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