Motivational Story - You will get what you want

11 May 2020

Today we will read another inspiring story in which we will read that a normal person can fulfill his dream with two precious jewels. Let's start now "you will get what you want".

You will get what you want

A monk was camping on the shore. He would sit there all day with smoke and shout in between, "You will get what you want!"

People passing through that path considered him crazy. They would listen to him and he would listen and they would laugh at him.

One day an unemployed young man was going through that path. The voice of the monk's screaming also fell in his ears - "You will get what you want!" "You will get what you want!".

Hearing this sentence, the young man came to the monk and started asking him, "Baba! You have been screaming for a long time, you will get what you want! Can you really give me what I want?"

The monk said, "Yes son, but first you tell me what you want to get?"

"I want to become a big diamond merchant one day. Can you fulfill my wish? " The young man said.

"Absolutely son! I give you one diamond and one pearl, make as many diamonds and pearls as you want. " The monk said. The light of hope shone in the young man's eyes after listening to the monk.

Then the monk asked him to move both his palms forward. The young man turned his palms in front of the monk. The monk first placed his hand on one of his palm and said, "Son, this is the most precious diamond in this world." This is called 'time'. Hold it firmly in your fist. Through this, you can make as many diamonds as you want. Never let it get out of your hands. "

Then the monk put his other hand on the young man's second palm and said, "Son, this is the most precious pearl in the world. This is called 'patience'. When the desired result is not achieved even after spending time in some work, then wear this pearl called Patience. If you have this pearl, you can get what you want in the world. "

The young man listened carefully to the monk and thanked him and left. He got two Gurmantras of success. He decided that he would never waste his time and would always work patiently.

After some time he started working with a big diamond merchant. For a few years, he kept learning all the tricks of the business diligently and one day became a big diamond merchant by realizing his dream with hard work and dedication.

Moral of story - Always keep diamonds and pearls named 'time' and 'patience' with you to achieve the goal. Never waste your time and do not leave patience in difficult times. Success will definitely be achieved.


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