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04 Nov 2019

Laser Blogger has brought another new motivational story (Believe in yourself) for you, you will definitely like it. Please read it fully and share your thoughts in the comments.

Believe in yourself - Laser Blogger

Once a person sitting alone was thinking that God should come to him. Seeing God in front, that person asked, I had many failures in life, now I am disappointed. Oh God, tell me how much my life is worth?

God gave that person a bright red colored stone and said, "Go find out the price of this stone, you will also know the value of your life." But keep in mind that this stone is not to be sold "

The person first went to a fruit seller with that red shiny stone and said, "Brother, how much will you buy these stone?"

The fruit man looked at the stone carefully and said "Take 10 oranges from me and give me this stone". The person said that no, I cannot sell this stone.

Then the man went to a vegetable person and said to him "brother… how much will you buy these red stones?"

The vegetable seller said, take a sack of potatoes from me and sell this stone to me, but according to God, that person said that no, I cannot sell it.

Then the person took that stone and went to a goldsmith shop where many kinds of jewellery were lying. The person showed the stone to goldsmith and that goldsmith looked at the stone very carefully and then said, "I will give you 1 crore rupees, sell me this stone." Then the man apologized to goldsmith and said that this stone I cannot sell.goldsmith again said, "Okay, I will give you 2 crores, sell me these stones".

The person was shocked to hear goldsmith, but after listening to goldsmith, he went ahead and went to a diamond seller's shop.

The diamond merchant saw that red shiny stone for 10 minutes and then took a muslin cloth and put that stone on it. Then that merchant put his head on that stone and said, "where from You got this, this is the most precious gem in this world." If the entire wealth of this world is also put, then we cannot buy this stone. "

Hearing this, the person was very surprised and went directly to God and told him the past and then he asked God, "O God, now tell me what is the value of my life?"

The Lord said, "The fruit man, the vegetable man, goldsmith and the diamond merchant told you the value of life. O man, for some you are like a piece of stone and for some you are like a precious gem. Everyone told you the price of that stone according to their information, but that diamond merchant recognized this stone. In the same way some people do not recognize your value, so never be disappointed in life. In this world, every human has some skill that can improve at the right time but it requires hard work and patience."

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