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07 Nov 2019

An inspiring story of Chanakya - Be Honest - Laser Blogger

Laser Blogger has brought another new story (An inspiring story of Chanakya - Be Honest) for you, you will definitely like it. Please read it fully and share your thoughts in the comments.

Once, some of his special guests who came to meet Magadha emperor Chandragupta Maurya urged Chandragupta Maurya to meet Acharya Chanakya and seek advice on some personal problems. The emperor advised him to leave the next day due to being late, but the visitors urged that he should meet the Acharya right now. Then the emperor Chandragupta could not avoid his request and allowed those visitors to go to Acharya Chanakya.

When those visitors arrived there, Acharya Chanakya was busy in some state work by lighting a lamp because it was night time. The visitors reached there and bowed to Acharya Chanakya and told them that they had come to him for a special personal consultation.

After telling them to sit for a while, Acharya, after finishing that state work, extinguished the lamp with which he was working and lit another lamp in his place and then asked him to explain his problem. One of those inquisitive people said to Acharya Chanakya, "I am sorry Acharya, but I do not understand why you lit the second lamp in place of the first lamp after finishing your work, while the earlier lamp also had enough There was oil.

Hearing that visitor, Acharya Chanakya said - Watts, I was doing political work at that time. And the lamp that I was using at that time has an oil-filled with treasury money. And since your problem is personal, I extinguished that lamp and lit this lamp. Because the oil filled in this lamp has been brought from my own earned money.

I do not use the things brought from treasury funds for any personal work. The head of all visitors bowed down to Acharya Chanakya's duty of devotion, honesty, and patriotism.

From this story of Acharya Chanakya, we learn that any nation becomes great when there is a sense of this level of honesty among the people in important positions of that country. People whose sole purpose of life is a nation and public service, only such people build a great nation.

Thanks for reading this, what do you think about this story? Please comment We will keep bringing such a story for you. Thank you.

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